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COSC May Oasis News – 2016

by Noble John Pinckney

We look forward to seeing you at the Central Oregon Shrine Club meeting on May 3…same time as always at the Juniper Golf Club in Redmond. Remember the Club will pay for any guests that you bring. In anticipation of upcoming Mother’s Day (May 8,) we will have a surprise honoring all the Ladies.


by Noble Terry Griffith

RFAC_redrobin_eventMay 16th, from 5:30p – 7:30pm COSC is going to make history (ok maybe not really history, but it is a BIG deal). We have partnered with Red Robin to create the Shriners Night. This is to promote Central Oregon Shriners and to raise money for the Run For A Child. What a fantastic opportunity to get the Shriners out in public and visit with maybe some potential candidates.

This will begin at 5:30 pm and end at 7:30 pm. During that time, ANYONE who eats at Red Robin can tell their wait staff that they would like to participate in the Shriner activity. 20% of their food bill will be donated to the Run For A Child. They do not pay ANYTHING additional. We do not have to pay for anything, just be there.

With this event comes several opportunities. First, and most importantly, is to let Central Oregonians know that Shriners is alive and well in Central Oregon and what services we can provide. Secondly, to advertise for the Run and hopefully make some money that will go into the Run budget.

With this opportunity comes a commitment to have Shriners (and Fez’) present. If you can come down that would be great. You don’t have to do anything else than just have dinner with your Fez on (and bring lots of your friends ). We will be handing out Run cards with the information about the Run and the 20% donation when people walk through the door. Additionally, we will have a registration table set up and ready and advertise the Run. Zach and Payton, and a few other Shriner “Kids” will also be on hand along with our player, Chance.

We will always be open to discuss Masonry and Shriners, as well as Friends of Shriners, not only for the Run but also COSC. There are numerous opportunities in both areas to benefit from the attributes that people in our community have and the desire to help the Shriners Hospital. So, if you would like to come and just have dinner, please do and remember, this is open to ANYONE, so bring a friend. If you would like to have a bigger role in the Shriners Night at the Red Robin, please let me know prior to the 16th. The opportunities primarily deal with being greeters at the door and handing out Run cards. See everyone on the 16th!


by Noble Terry Griffith

COSC_web-logoThe “wrap” or totally covered decal for our newly acquired cart trailer is progressing very well. Hopefully, it will be completed and installed by the middle of May. It is being created and installed by local company “Dealin’ In Signs”, based in Bend. The artwork was a joint effort of the Trailer Committee with the artistic expertise of graphic designer Chris Michaelis at Thistlefish Design.

The final design will represent what the trailer is for, with a large picture of our carts in action. Our new logo, above, adorns the trailer on all sides, so that no one will not be aware of who we are. The wrap also includes representation for the Run, Be a Shriner Now and Al Kader Temple.

Chris designed the logo above to represent COSC and it turned out great. Not only does it identify us as Shriners but also reflects the Central Oregon region by the “3 Sisters Mountains”. I have ordered a few caps with the new logo and will have them at the Red Robin on the 16th. A very large thank you goes to Chris for her ideas and the amount of time she has devoted to this project and the Club.




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