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COSC January Oasis News – 2018

From the President-Noble Terry Griffith
Well, January has scooted past, and what a difference a year makes! I’m sure you very well remember 2017 at this time and all the snow, but I am happy not having quite as much. It is better for us all to be able to get out without having to worry about it. Our January meeting had a stellar group, with almost 40 Nobles and Lady’s present. It was very good to see old time Shriners Larry & Marie Easter, from Madras, as well as Jim & Becky Brown from Prineville! It was good seeing you guys.
There has been a change up in our February meeting and we will be meeting at the Bend Elks Lodge instead of the Growers Dinner in Culver. Unfortunately, we will not be having a “growers’ dinner” this year but have another idea, which we will talk about at our meeting.
The Temple held its Club & Unit training on the 20th of January and COSC was well represented. Noble Scott and Noble Lee both attended and brought home a great deal of knowledge. It was also a good opportunity for both of them to meet other Nobles from around our realm. I asked the group at the training, why they became a Shriner, the general answer was to help kids and the Shriners Hospital. Always keep the reason you became a Shriner in front of you and don’t let it slide behind. For this reason, our Club is productive and energetic, and well represents what it is to be a Shriner.

Shriners Run
September 1st, 2017 was the official kick off of the Shriners Run For A Child. That is the day that sponsors are being contacted and go up to the day of the event. It is amazing the amount of time it takes to plan for this event. But we all know that prior planning prevents poor performance. The committee is very proud of our accomplishments last year in giving the Hospital in Portland $29,000. This year our goal is $35,000. In order to do that, we must contact new sponsors. I am excited to have Noble Scott Brasher helping me this year with the sponsors. He has made several contacts and things are looking up.
We have changed our focus this year to concentrate on the Motion Analysis Clinic as well as the Pre/Post Surgery Nutrition Program. Both as very well deserving programs that need our support. This also helps when potential sponsors are contacted, because we can share when their money is going to be used. The sponsors then have ownership. Several Shriners will be traveling over for the event, it appears to be an increase over last year.
I think our efforts are being recognized and it is because of the efforts of the COSC and our Friends of Shriners, who work together to accomplish this event. Thanks to everyone who helps!

COSC Dinner Meetings
During our meeting in January, we spent time discussing the proposed 2018 budget, which was passed and is included in this Oasis. This budget reflects the loss of fundraisers as in past year. We have had to make some changes as to where our funds are spent, keeping our Mission in mind. As a result, the Club has had to cut areas that we had normally funded. In 2017, we paid over $1700 for dinners, of which over half was due to individuals not showing up after making a commitment. This is money directly out of our account, that we no longer have the funds to pay. A general discussion was held and it was determined that a few years ago the Club had decided to hold everyone accountable for their dinners, but nothing was ever followed up. To that end, the Club will begin sending out letters to those who do not show, without giving due notice, requesting a contribution for their missed dinner. It is understandable that an emergency may arise or you become ill, but you still need to let your caller know that you will not be attending. The problem is that once we commit to a number, that is the number we pay to the Elks. That number needs to be given to the Elks at noon the Tuesday prior. On the other side, if you don’t commit and just show up, then we stand the possibility of not having enough food for someone who did commit. This creates another issue and is disrespectful to your fellow Nobles.
We have reduced the number of callers to two, Noble Scott Brasher for the Bend area and Noble Dick Sewell for all other areas. It is extremely important to make certain that you let your caller know that you will be attending and if something arises that you can’t make it, to let them know you will not be attending or being prepared to pay for the dinner(s). Additionally, the Club decided to keep the dinners at $16, instead of reducing them to the actual meal price of $14.25. The balance will go into the dinner account to offset the cost of the Players Banquet and the Forget-Me-Nots banquet.

Silver Arrow Patrol – Capt. Scott Brasher
First off, I would like to thank you all for allowing me to serve as your captain of the Silver Arrow Patrol. It is an honor and I will do all that I can to make sure you have a great time. We started the year off by adding two new parades to our schedule that we haven’t gone to in a while. The first was The Dalles parade which was very motivating and informational to have our I.S
Dave Johnson give us a history on The Dalles parade which led to us voting it in. The other parade we added is the Veterans Day parade right here in Central Oregon. It was also an emotional time as Noble Dale talked about the oldcart trailer and noble Larry letting us know the history behind it.
We are also in the process of selling the old kart trailer and replacing it with a smaller enclosed trailer for the remaining 4 carts. This year I would like to get back to regular kart maintenance by assigning drivers to carts along with including practices so that we can show off some cool skills and entertain the crowds. Within the next month I am going to do some cart maintenance by switching to non-ethanol fuel and also cleaning the carburetor and doing oil changes. If you would like to help, then please contact me. I am excited for this year and I hope that you all are as well.

Al Kader Training – Lee Ransdall, VP
THE 2018 Al Kader training for the officers of the local Shrine Clubs was a truly unique experience. The insights and understanding of the inner workings of Al Kader Shrine was laid before us in a very concise and interesting manner. I for one never fully understood the inner workings of Al Kader Shrine. Let me tell you this is indeed one well run organization. Its only goal is the kids. Everything that is tasked, scheduled, or performed is ultimately for the Shriners kids. These Shriners and their ladies live and breathe the vision that is the well being of the Shriners Kids. Every aspect of what it takes to operate a successful club was explained. We listened to experts discuss everything from the hospitals and specialties, general protocols, and Divan assignments to HIPAA rules, recruitment, and financial operations. Some might think that this might be kind of boring, but let me tell you, it was presented in such a way that it held your interest. You wanted to know more. I was left inspired and ready to get on with the tasks at hand. It truly is all about the ‘kids’.

COSC June Oasis News – 2017

From the President-Noble Dick Hancock Greetings, As you will see in Noble Terry’s submission, we held the 2017 COSC Players Banquet on May 2nd at the Juniper Golf Club in Redmond. This was the best attendance that anyone can remember in recent years. Hats off to all! Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, JuneContinue Reading

COSC February Oasis News

From the President – Noble Dick Hancock I recently attended the training provided by the Temple for new Club Presidents. It was very informative and motivated me to try to be a more effective leader. Our February meeting will be our annual “Thank You” to our farmers and food caravan contributors. It will be heldContinue Reading

COSC December Oasis News – 2016

FROM THE PRESIDENT – Noble John Pinckney Greetings! Tuesday, December 6th is our next meeting and Christmas party along with Installation of Officers for the coming year. So, put on your ugliest Christmas sweater or best party wear and join us for a traditional Christmas dinner and good time. Social hour begins at 5:30, and,Continue Reading

COSC October Oasis News – 2016

FROM THE PRESIDENT – Noble John Pinckney Greetings, We are so pleased that Noble Larry Easter has played such a leadership role in raising money for our Club! This year he sold $3059 in Beef Raffle tickets for the Central Oregon Shrine Club fundraiser. And, in the last four years he led the effort inContinue Reading

COSC May Oasis News – 2016

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Noble John Pinckney We look forward to seeing you at the Central Oregon Shrine Club meeting on May 3…same time as always at the Juniper Golf Club in Redmond. Remember the Club will pay for any guests that you bring. In anticipation of upcoming Mother’s Day (May 8,) we will have a surprise honoring all the Ladies.Continue Reading

COSC February Oasis News – 2016

FROM THE PRESIDENT What’s new this year at the Central Oregon Shrine Club? Come to the dinner meeting on February 2 and enjoy a good meal with friends and find out what the New Year and active members bring to our Club. Noble Vice President Dick Sewell will preside with presentations from Noble Terry Griffith on a Great AdventureContinue Reading

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FOOD CARAVAN — 2015 The 2015 Annual Food Caravan is quickly approaching, and each of you should have received an appeal letter. On October 17th, the Prineville group will load up the Food from Erickson’s Thriftway in Prineville and meet at the Bend Masonic Lodge at 8am. From they we will caravan over the SantiamContinue Reading

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President’s Message The July meeting will be at my house. It will be an outdoor picnic with fun and games. The Dinner (Picnic) is at 6:30 with social hour starting at 5:30. Bring a date (your wife or girlfriend – not a good idea to bring both). Casual dress. Please bring a folding chair too!Continue Reading

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Message from the President Dear Nobles and Ladies, As of last Saturday the 18th, we completed the 60th Annual Food Caravan, and it was outstanding! The only downside was, that most of our caravan had to pass by the scene of an accident which took the lives of 3 out of 4 members of aContinue Reading